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The platform is for a maximum of 22 people.

It is very safe and we have all the certificates that validate our safety in terms of the platform, the crane we use and all the accessories and cables. A detailed check is carried out before each upload and an annual check with certified operators.

Children from 6 years old can go up accompanied by their parents. The cost of the minor is the same as that of an adult as well as the same menu.

Yes, without exceeding 30 weeks of pregnancy and with a letter of authorization from your doctor stating that there is no problem in living the experience.

130 kilograms per person.

The safety of our diners is our priority, if the day of the event there are heavy rains, thunderstorms or strong winds that do not allow the experience to be carried out, the first thing we will do is wait a maximum of 1 hour because the weather can vary, if does not improve, the event will be canceled and your places will be scheduled for a new date, in these cases no refunds are made.

You can go to the bathroom before or after, the experience lasts only 1 hour and our staff will notify you before going up to go to the bathroom before.

That's right, the platform on each climb if the wind allows it will make several 360º turns.

If you do not feel well during the event the platform goes down in less than 3 minutes, once the diner is down you will not be able to go back up and in these cases no refund will be applied.

Dinner in the Sky® does NOT make refunds once the purchase is made, you can transfer your places to another person in case you cannot attend or want to cancel it.

You can change your places to another date before 20 days prior to the contracted event, subject to availability, if your change is to a cheaper package, no refund will be made for the difference, but if you change to a higher cost package, the price difference must be paid.

If you can transfer your places up to 1 hour before the event, it is important that you know that the person attending your place must present the card with which the purchase was made and an official identification of the cardholder.

There is no maximum age to live the experience.

At the time of your purchase, you can indicate if you have any allergies or do not eat any ingredient on the menu, if it is not mentioned at the time of purchase, no changes can be made the day of the event since our chefs prepare and They buy everything before the event according to the requests of the diners.

It is not possible, for your places to be scheduled you must make the purchase and pay 100% in advance from our website.

We have 14 years operating worldwide in more than 60 countries, it is a concept originating in Belgium.

We accept payments of 3, 6, 9 and 12 months without interest through Paypal, to apply the monthly payments it is important that your total is more than $ 7,500 pesos.