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Dinner in the Sky México® It is a platform mostly made of metal which is suspended with high security stainless steel cables with a lifetime, these cables are divided into 4 stages: Main cable of the crane which is supported on the hook of the crane , this cable depending on each model of Crane will give the load bearing capacity, in the case of Dinner in the SkyWe use a crane with a minimum load capacity of 120 tons, while the platform, already with users, reaches a maximum weight of 9 tons, where the height-by-weight limit reached is 45 meters at ground level.

The second tension cables are from the crane hook to the platform ceiling, these are 4 cables, two on each side, reinforced by 4 additional cables giving a total of 8 platform support cables, from the ceiling to The platform is supported by another 4 cables with 4 extra supports (8 cables in total) which suspend the platform directly from the steel roof structure. The structure supports the 22 seats (8 on each side and 3 on each head). Dinner in the Sky They are fastened by a series of 30 high security bolts and screws as well as a high tension cable for each seat. Each seat has a system of seat belts which have a mooring that is carried out only by the trained staff and by the back of the seat, thus preventing the user from unlocking it on its own.
In the center of the platform there will always be security personnel and trained Dinner in the Sky staff, security personnel are certified for the use of fire extinguishers and first aid. Staff on board staff wear a safety harness which is attached to a lifeline located in the center of the platform roof, the staff is always mobile throughout the interior of the platform in case any user requires assistance .

Dinner in the Sky® is a platform that comes pre-assembled and loaded on the trailer of a common trailer. The dimensions of the platform are 6 meters long and 2,5 m wide and it has a weight of 4.3 tons.

Now, for assembling Dinner in the Sky, which takes less than 2 hours (platform only), a crane is required. For the operation of the experience, we work with local cranes that meet the strictest safety standards. Crane requirements are (such as the Liebherr brand) weighing around 60 tons, 15 m in length and 2,8 m in width that are of a minimum load bearing capacity of 120 tons, 2008 models onwards with operators certified by Liebherr México.


Dinner in the Sky México® performs a specific check list before each event or upload for the verification of all issues related to the security of the experience, this checklist prior to each upload consists of:

• Checking cables and shackles on and off the platform
• Review of roof tarpaulin and each tie-down point
• Check each seat and connecting cables to the platform
• Review of screws and bolts inside and outside the platform
• Screw revision of each seat
• Review of electrical system within the platform
• Review of electrical system cables from ground to platform
• Overhaul of ceiling heaters and cables thereof
• Review of the oven inside the platform and cables of the same
• Crane hook check and adjustment with crane operator
• Overhaul of crane and bolt hitchhiking system
• Review of staff harnesses and life safety lines
• Crane Fuel Percentage Review
• Test lift 2 to 3 times at different speeds
• Crane brake tests at different speeds
• Radio communication tests of staff
• Absolute cleaning of the entire platform and crane

All the aforementioned tests are carried out by the person in charge of safety, the crane operator and the manager, this check list is signed by the 3 managers before each lift.


FÉDÉRATION EUROPÉENNE DE LA MANUTENTION: Dinner in the Sky / Events in the Sky / The fun Group is the only company worldwide authorized by the European Federation (FEM N0284 dated May 16th2011) specialized in crane operations that can lift people by crane for entertainment purposes.

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The invention of the mobile tower crane is, in turn, the moment when the Liebherr company was born. Over the course of the first decade, the small construction company has grown to become a recognized manufacturer of construction machines and many other high-tech products.