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History and Safety


You are invited to live
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DINNER IN THE SKY® It is a unique experience in the world, where 22 diners are raised by a crane to a height of 45 meters to enjoy a delicious gourmet menu, premium drinks and a spectacular view. The experience is designed according to the DIN 4112 standard. All drawings, calculations and simulations are tested and supervised by international organizations.

It is a project originally from Belgium that emerged in 2005, which has been a worldwide and exclusive success that to date is in operation in more than 60 countries and has had excellent reviews and reviews by large advertising media, renowned chefs and especially for all the people who have lived this extreme culinary experience.

The seats are Formula One style and each one has a safety harness that will keep you protected, but also allow you to have ease of movement and comfort at all times. Best of all, the chair can rotate 90 degrees, allowing you to capture fabulous photos and videos.

DINNER IN THE SKY® arrives in Mexico in 2013 with headquarters in the exclusive Sheraton Hotel in Santa Fé, CDMX, later becoming an itinerant experience in the country in cities such as: Monterrey, Guadalajara, Teotihuacan, Yucatán, Morelia, Puebla, Tequila, Chapala, Puerto Vallarta, San Miguel de Allende, Los Cabos and Queretaro.


What should you know about cooking?

The importance of cooking in the Experience Dinner in the Sky®

Custom menus

We manage gourmet menus according to the area where we are, the weather and other important factors.

High quality ingredients

All the ingredients we use in the experience are of the highest quality.

Great chefs

All our chefs are specialized in gourmet fine dining cuisine, which ensures you a unique gastronomic experience.


Dinner in the Sky Mexico® It is a mostly metal platform which is suspended with high security stainless steel cables with a lifetime duration, these cables are divided into 4 stages: Main crane cable which is supported on the crane hook , this cable, depending on each crane model, will give the load support capacity, in the case of Dinner in the Sky®, we use a crane with a minimum load capacity of 120 tons, while the platform already with users reaches a maximum weight of 9 tons, where the height limit per weight reached is 45 meters at ground level.

The second tension cables are from the crane hook to the platform ceiling, these are 4 cables, two on each side, reinforced by 4 additional cables giving a total of 8 platform support cables, from ceiling to ceiling. The platform is supported by another 4 cables with 4 extra supports (8 cables total) which suspend the platform directly to the steel structure of the ceiling. The structure supports the 22 seats (8 on each side and 3 on each head) the seats of Dinner in the Sky® They are held in place by a series of 30 high-security bolts and screws as well as a high-tension cable for each seat. Each seat has a system of seat belts which have a tie that is carried out only by the trained staff and from the back of the seat, thereby preventing the user from being able to untie it by himself.
In the center of the platform there will always be security personnel and trained staff of Dinner in the Sky®, the security staff is certified for the use of fire extinguishers and first aid. The staff personnel on board wear a safety harness which is attached to a lifeline located in the center of the roof of the platform, the personnel always have mobility throughout the interior of the platform in case any user requires assistance. .

Dinner in the Sky® it is a flatbed that comes pre-assembled and loaded onto a common trailer trailer. The dimensions of the platform are 6 meters long and 2,5 meters wide and it has a weight of 4.3 tons.

Now for mounting Dinner in the Sky®, which takes less than 2 hours (platform only), a crane is needed. For the operation of the experience, we work with local cranes that meet the strictest safety standards. Crane requirements are (such as Liebherr brand) weigh around 60 tons, 15m long and 2,8m wide that are a minimum load bearing of 120 tons, 2008 models onwards with operators certified by Liebherr Mexico.