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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Here you will find detailed answers to the most common questions from our customers in Dinner in the Sky®. On this page, you will find valuable information about our events, our venues, our menus and reservation options. In addition, we also provide details about our security measures and cancellation policies. Our goal is to provide a worry-free and stress-free booking experience, and this page is an essential tool in achieving this. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help you.

How many people fit on the platform?

The platform is for a maximum of 22 people.

It is safe?

It is very safe and we have all the certificates that validate our safety in terms of the platform, the crane we use and all the accessories and cables. A detailed check is carried out before each climb and an annual check with certified operators.

Children are available?

Children from 6 years of age can board accompanied by their parents.

Can pregnant women go up?

Yes, without exceeding 30 weeks of pregnancy and that the belt closes perfectly.

What is the maximum weight per person?

130 kilograms

What happens if there is bad weather on the day of the event?

Dinner in the Sky® it cannot operate in case of heavy rains, winds exceeding 30km/h or electrical storms. In the event that at the time of your event any of these events occurs, we will wait a maximum of 1 hour, if in this time the weather does not improve, your tickets will be scheduled for another occasion, we do not handle refunds in these cases, only change of date.

What if I want to go to the bathroom during the experience?

It is important that you go to the toilet before going up since the platform will not descend for the use of bathrooms unless it is an emergency or it is a pregnant woman, in these cases, the platform will go down, the person will be removed but will not be able to return to go up.

Does the platform rotate when it is up?

We make 360 ​​degree turns 3 times during the experience, this as long as the wind allows it, since with strong wind no turn can be carried out.

What happens if I’m scared being up or I want to get down?

The platform lowers in less than 30 seconds if someone does not feel comfortable on top or feels bad, once down, the person becomes unsafe and we rise again.

Can I cancel my purchase?

You have 24 hours after making the purchase to request a 100% cancellation of your purchase.

Can I change the date of my reservation?

Yes, you have up to 20 days prior to the event to change the date.

Can I make a name change?

Yes, the tickets can be transferable, notified by the owner of the purchase to the email:

Is there a maximum age to live the experience?


What if I have allergies or don’t like something on the menu?

At the time of making your purchase online you can specify which foods cause allergies or which you do not like, the menu cannot be changed but in this case the ingredients that are mentioned will be changed.

Is 100% of the total payment required to reserve?

Yes, 100% of the payment is required to make your reservation.

What is the price of the Dinner in the Sky experience?

The price of Dinner in the Sky varies according to the venue and the season in which the event takes place. We suggest you visit the section of each venue on our website to obtain detailed information on prices and availability. You can also contact us directly to get a custom quote for your event.

Can I organize a private event?

Yes, we offer the option of organizing private events at any of our venues. You can visit the private events section on our website for more information on how to book an exclusive event for your company or brand. You can also get in touch with our events team via the contact form, email or whatsapp floating button for help planning your event.