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Please read the following Terms and Conditions in detail before making your purchase at Dinner in the Sky Mexico

1- Reservations are the responsibility of Dinner in the Sky, which leads the client (hereinafter THE USER) to accept the date assigned by Dinner in the Sky through its website to participate in the attraction.

2- Dinner in the Sky establishes the cost per person to live the experience in Mexican Pesos depending on each venue and location and this cost already includes taxes and is published on our website. IT DOES NOT INCLUDE TIPS, WHICH YOU CAN FREELY GIVE TO THE TEAM.

3- Dinner in the Sky will not be responsible in any case and will not pay THE USER for the loss or irreparable or partial damage, including the theft of those objects owned by THE USER and that were affected by reason of some mishap that occurred during the attraction operation. All your personal belongings must remain in your car.

4- Dinner in the Sky will assign a reservation number to THE USER, once the USER has made the purchase operation of the package that he had requested, in which case said code will be sent to the email address that THE USER has provided a Dinner in the Sky.

5- All claims related to the operation and organization of the attraction must be submitted to Dinner in the Sky through the email address: reservas@dinnerinthesky.com.mx

6- Dinner in the Sky does not apply refunds in case the USER does not show up on the day of their event, nor in any other case.

7- The USER when buying his ticket, can add a date change insurance ($ 250 pesos per person) and you will have the right to change the dates in case the experience cannot be carried out due to the following issues: BAD WEATHER or NATURAL SITUATIONS OUT OF THE COMMON THAT PREVENT CARRYING OUT the experience. The insurance offers the change of date, without any extra cost. Dinner in the Sky will offer THE USER two options for future dates or will leave the ticket open for one year.

8- THE USER may make their places transferable in case of not being able to attend by sending Dinner in the Sky to the email reservacion@dinnerinthesky.com.mx a letter which we must receive from the e-mail with which the purchase was made and where The USER confirms that he wishes to transfer his places to a certain person, this person must appear on the day of the event with this writing and a copy of the official identification of the person who transferred his places.

9- Dinner in the Sky is an attraction only for people over 6 years old, minors must always attend in the company of a parent or legal guardian, valid official IDs of the minor and the adult guardian, they may not drink alcoholic beverages and must have excellent behavior during the experience, otherwise, Dinner in the Sky will have every right out of respect for the rest of the guests to remove the child from the attraction immediately. Minors pay the same cost as Adult to live the experience. Only minors from 14 years to 17 years who want to live the experience without their parents, must in any case attend with one of them who will sign the responsive letter on their behalf, must present documents with which they made the purchase.

10- Any controversy arising from these Terms will be resolved by the laws, judges and courts of the Mexico City Federal District, renouncing the parties to any other jurisdiction or jurisdiction that by reason of domicile they have or may have.

11- In all cases, the participation of THE USER in the attraction is solely under their responsibility.

12- The restrictions in relation to PEOPLE WITH ANY DISABILITIES or MEDICAL ILLNESS will be at the discretion of Dinner in the Sky, without this implying any discrimination, first of all, the safety of THE USER is attended at all times.

13- THE USER is obliged to pay attention and obey all instructions given by the Dinner in the Sky staff. It is prohibited to touch any operating device of the attraction. If the USER at any time fails to respect the instructions of the personnel in charge of the Experience, they will be asked to leave it without any option to refund.

14- No promotion or discount that is published on the official Dinner in the Sky site or other external promotion sites is cumulative with each other, nor can the USER claim Dinner in the Sky the publication of any promotion in the event that the USER already has a purchase previously made, offers, discounts and promotions are applicable only during the purchase of the dates published in the same offer or promotion.

15- Dinner in the Sky manages promotions or eventual discounts, in case the USER has purchased his package and later a promotion or discount is published, the USER will not be able to claim Dinner in the Sky to make this promotion valid if his purchase was made before it was published.

16- Smoking is not allowed while the attraction is in operation, the only areas allowed for smokers will be the areas that are outdoors, you can smoke in the welcome lounge area, smoking is not allowed near the platform even when it is is on land.

17- The carrying of any type of weapon is not allowed.

18- Any contravention of these TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF USE DINNER IN THE SKY, MEXICO. RESERVATIONS AND PURCHASES VIA ELECTRONIC INTERNET, will be reason enough for the cancellation of the participation in the attraction, without any responsibility for Dinner in the Sky or refunds or rescheduling of dates.

19- The maximum weight allowed for each seat on the platform cannot be greater than 130kg or in the event that the seat belt does not close properly, this will be determined by the trained personnel of Dinner in the Sky México, in the event that the user cannot participate for this reason, no refund will be made.

20- Pregnant women can live the experience as long as they have not exceeded 30 weeks of pregnancy, they have a letter signed by their doctor stating that they have no problem living this experience and the seat belt can close without problem, if it is A pregnant person is less than 30 weeks old but the seat belt will not close properly, will not be able to participate in the attraction and no refund will be made.

21- The acquisition of any of the packages offered by Dinner in the Sky will entitle THE USER to participate in the attraction, in accordance with the package purchased.

22- Dinner in the Sky fully reserves the right of Admission.

23- It is forbidden to introduce alcoholic beverages to the Dinner in the Sky areas.

24- Punctuality is very important for Dinner in the Sky, we ask you to arrive 40 minutes in advance of the established time of your package, in case the USER shows up with any delay and the platform has already been raised, under No reason, due to our following hours of operation and out of respect for other USERS, the platform will not be able to lower even if it is at any distance from the ground.

25- Dinner in the Sky is not responsible for allergies to foods or ingredients that have not been previously clarified at the time of purchase. We suggest you see the menu beforehand and specify it at the time of your reservation in our form, it will not be possible to make a change of Menu on the day of the event.